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We Are Agile Consultants!

Based in the UK, we’re an agile consultancy redefining team dynamics and workflows. We provide your teams with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver value to your customers sooner, safer, and cheaper. Allowing you to exceed customer expectations and accelerate ahead of your competition. Ready to be more Agile? Contact our team of Agile consultants today.
Welcome to our Agile Consulting services! Empowering your teams with expertise, adeptness, and assurance to expedite value delivery to your customers. Transcending expectations and outpacing competitors in an era of innovation. With our base in the UK and a reach that extends to teams globally, we proudly embrace remote work to infuse agility across horizons. Are you ready to embrace agile transformation?
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Who We Can Assist

Any organisation that has a large-scale project with complexity at its heart will benefit from Prashant Kumar LTD. whatever the sector. Businesses that produce deliverables, like as goods or software, are ideal candidates for agile and scrum frameworks because they are made to improve product quality and business processes, giving you better customers, happier employees, and a long-lasting competitive advantage in your market. You can view some of our top-notch Agile case studies from our work with merchants, e-commerce sites, and software development firms here. If your company requires the ability to thrive amid complexity, we can work with you to integrate Agile and Scrum working methods.

Our Approach


We assess how you’re currently working and what you want to achieve. We then collaboratively propose agile solutions which are appropriate for your needs.


We take you through an initial phase to strengthen your capabilities. We recommend carrying out an initial pilot to test the new ways of working in your environment.


The new agile ways of working are rolled out in a series of key steps. We do this in an agile way with built-in inspection and adaptation throughout.

We use a realistic, results-driven strategy. Prior to providing our extensive experience and knowledgeable assistance, we first take the time to listen and comprehend your needs.

Ready to alter your working style? We're agile consultants headquartered in the UK and here to help.

We provide your teams the information, abilities, and self-assurance they need to serve clients more quickly, affordably, and safely. enabling you to outperform customer expectations and gain ground on your rivals. Are you ready to be more agile? Get in touch with our Agile specialists right now.

Our Certifications

Certified ScrumMaster®
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®
Certified Scrum Professional® – ScrumMaster
Certified Agile Leadership Essentials®
Certified Agile Leadership for Teams®
Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations®
Certified SAFe Agilist (5.1)
Certified Agile Coach
(ICP-ACC from IC Agile)
SAFe from Scaled Agile

Did you know?

Every agile consulting assignment is custom-made to meet your needs
Highly collaborative workshops build a clear understanding of your needs
Unparalleled experience combined with supreme communication skills make our consultants stand out from the rest
All our agile consultants offer a friendly and professional style
Our consultants are realists not theorists – we tell it like it is, not how it should be.
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Quick and neat,
just like your work.

So how does it work? Let’s check our Getting Started.

"An agile consultant: guiding transformations, fostering adaptability, and igniting success through iterative excellence."

Consulting style

Prashant Kumar LTD disapproves of generic consulting. Any agile consulting package, in our opinion, should be custom-made to meet your needs.
In order to get a clear grasp of your needs and to foster a long-lasting sense of cooperation and ownership, we advise doing highly collaborative workshops.
Our experts separate out from the competition due to their experience and strong communication abilities.
We tell it like it is while maintaining a professional and courteous attitude. We want to hire realists as our advisors rather than theories. Learning in the midst of conflict is actually the only option!

Collaborative consulting

The top agile consulting firms begin by learning about your requirements and difficulties before putting up ideas in consultation with clients.
Everyone would be using agile methods if they were simple to implement. Experience has shown us that enabling agile practises to become ingrained in an organization’s daily methods of functioning requires professional guidance.
As the top agile business in the UK, we provide a combination of agile coaching, agile consulting, and agile training to make sure that new information sticks and becomes automatic.

Types of consulting

Our agile consulting services are customised to meet the demands of each customer. Customers contact us at different points in their agile journeys. Which services are the most cost-effective for you and where you are in your agile journey will determine what we can give you.
Here are just three examples.

1. Launching A Project

Many businesses compromise while beginning a project in their haste to be nimble, and they pay for it afterwards.

By developing custom training aimed at assisting your team with initial project work, we assist you in effectively laying the groundwork for your project.

With our assistance, you can be sure that you’ll do the task correctly, sparing you hassles down the road and providing greater value sooner.

2. Targeted Consulting

Our agile experts can help you save many hours, if not days, if you have a specific issue.

The likelihood is high that we have already found a solution to the issue you’re facing.

Our agile consultants will have the knowledge to assist, whether the issue is one involving the use of certain agile methodologies or one involving agile projects.

3. Remote Support

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could always “phone a friend” if you were having a problem? Well, you can using Prashant Kumar LTD.

We provide off-line support solutions that keep you going forward at a very reasonable price.

By doing this, you may speed up while still maximizing the commercial advantages of agile working.

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